5 Tips to Pick the Right Real Estate Agent
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Lindsay Sills Loan Officer
Published on May 21, 2019

5 Tips to Pick the Right Real Estate Agent

Picking the right real estate agent can save you a lot of headache in the home buying process. Here are five tips to make sure that you pick the right one for you.

They’re experienced

Though it may sound redundant making sure you’ve got someone that knows what they’re doing is probably the most important part in picking a real estate agent. An agent who has experience under their belt knows how to navigate all the parts of contracts, negotiations, and curve balls that may come up in the transaction.

Experience doesn’t necessarily mean years in the business. Your friends grandma may have been a realtor for 50 years and has only sold a dozen houses. You’ll want someone who is full time in the business and is actively closing purchases.

They know the area you’re looking in

Imagine you’re on a trip and you’re tour guide has never been to the place they are showing you around. Doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

It’s the same for your real estate agent. When they know the ins and outs of a neighborhood such as schools, shopping, local gems, traffic patterns, etc; it will help you to find a home that is perfect for your wants and needs.

They’re Professional

Your agent is going to be a representation of you throughout the home buying process. You’ll want someone who is courteous, prompt, and has a good sense of ethics. The last thing you want as a home buyer is an agent who isn’t keeping you in the loop or has their own best interest in mind rather than yours.


Your agent is going to be your new best friend for the foreseeable future. Between phone calls, looking at properties, and the transaction itself, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your agent. It’s important that you get along with them and they’re someone you want to spend time with.

See what others think about them

Search for the agent online and check out their reviews. See how they respond to their reviews whether good or bad. Keep in mind bad experiences are much more likely to be posted than a good one.

If you’re looking for a real estate agent we’re happy to help pair you up with one of our preferred partners. We’ve worked with them extensively and feel confident you’ll be in great hands with them.

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